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Samsung trade-in in the UK – Make the most of your used smartphone

Now that you’re sick and tired of your old Samsung Galaxy, there are only two ways to go. You can either toss it out or trade it in to get a portion of its market price back. It seems like the most financially favourable option is obvious. Whether you’re a budget-conscious techie or a prodigal spender, you can easily sell a Samsung phone online at Sell Ur Fone.

It will only take you a few clicks to find out what your Samsung Galaxy is worth with its existing imperfections. Do not wait too long to trade-in your gadget because its price gradually recedes with each passing day.

Can I sell my Samsung if it’s broken?

No gadget is designed to last forever. We realise that and are ready to pay for faulty Samsung Galaxy smartphones, too. Whether your one is in tip-top condition, has cracked glass or scratches, we can still recycle it while offering you the best payouts.

The only exception when you can’t sell your broken Samsung Galaxy to us is if it’s badly damaged by water. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the cellphones that fail to turn on.

Can I sell my old Samsung phone for cash?

With Sell Ur Fone, you have several options to get paid when trading-in your Samsung Galaxy. Regardless of the estimated amount of money and your smartphone condition, you can choose from:

It’s always up to you whether to sell your Samsung phone for cash to buy a newer model or help some non-profit organisation make this world a better place. We will respect any decision of yours.

When can I get my money?

You will love this part because we will never make you wait for it too long. Here’s how things are done with our UK Samsung trade-in programme:

  1. You select your Galaxy model and fill in the details.
  2. We provide you with a free Royal Mail shipping label.
  3. You do all the wrapping and packaging to ship your cellphone to us safely.
  4. Our specialists receive it and check its condition and specifications.
  5. We send your payment before you know it.

If we fail to transfer your money on the same day, you are eligible for £5 as financial compensation for a delay. But we always do everything we can to send payments in a timely fashion.

What if I change my mind about selling my Samsung Galaxy?

Just because you’ve already shipped your Samsung Galaxy to us doesn’t mean there’s no going back. You may realise it’s too hard to part with your favourite device, and you may want to keep it. Well, your wish is our command.

That being the case, we will ship your Samsung Galaxy back. Neither fines nor additional mail fees will be imposed. Plus, you’ll get your cellphone in the same packaging that you’ve used when sending it to Sell Ur Fone.

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How do I sell my iPhone, Samsung, or another device?

Do you have an old phone you no longer use? We'll take it. Simply send it to us and we will pay you. The sooner you complete your trade-in, the more we'll pay.

And the best part? If you decide to sell your device, we promise to pay you the same day we recieve it! Change your mind? we'll send you your mobile back free of charge.

So how do you sell your old iPhone? Here it is in 3 simple steps...

Make sure your device has a Clean & Clear ESN. This means no finiacing, leasing, lost or stolen devices. Remove any and all accounts from the device including iCloud, Google Accounts, Samsung Accounts. Factory Reset the device to clear out any personal information.
Send your device to Sell Ur Fone, FREE of charge with our provided Royal Mail Shipping Label. Make sure to package your device so it does not get damaged in shipping. Bubble Warp is your friend :)
We know you want your money fast! With our industry leading system, we are able to get you paid the same day we receive your device. Subject to QC.