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Sell your Huawei phone to our company to get back the invested money

What do you do with your old or damaged phones? We hope you don't throw them right in a trash bin or leave them on the park bench, do you? What if we tell you that you can not only get rid of your used gadget, but also grab some money for it?
Here at Sell UR Fone, we gladly accept all damaged or old devices while offering our clients reasonable compensation for them. We cover the most popular smartphone and tablet brands, from the American iPhone to South Korean Samsung and Chinese Huawei. Selling a phone with us is as simple as that. Just select the required model from the list and fill in the form on our website. We strive to process all orders as fast as possible, sending the payment the same or the next day. You can rest assured we'll offer you a fair price for your used Huawei gadget so that you could add some cash and buy a new one. Just ship it to us for free, and don't forget to tell your relatives and friends about our lucrative offer.

Why sell used Huawei phones with Sell UR Fone?

The last survey says that about 48% of the world's population uses smartphones. Each third person owns even 2 or 3 gadgets at once. The dramatic development and implementation of new smart technologies make yesterday's issued gadgets outdated in less than a half year. It results in tons of old, hopelessly outdated, and broken devices stockpiling at our homes. Unexploitable tech junk stores not only good memories but also toxic substances, gradually poisoning your living space. Just imagine the scale of the ecological disaster if the whole planet decides to throw all the tech staff to the dump!
Fortunately, at Sell UR Fone, we know how to safely recycle old batteries, metal, and plastic parts. Sell Huawei cell phones to us instead of imposing risk to yourself and your loved ones. And, of course, the monetary reward you receive from us for selling your old device will be a great motivation.

Sell your old Huawei mobile phone in a click

The Sell UR Fone team is always here to help you get money for your outdated or unused device. No matter the damage size your phone has, we will accept it with thanks. We're eager to offer you decent payment for your careful attitude to the environment. Rest assured that selling us your Huawei phone is a win-win solution.
Here's what steps to follow to make it happen:

  • scroll up to find your Huawei model
  • choose the memory capacity
  • select the appropriate network
  • fairly describe your phone's condition
  • agree to the offer

If you are good with the offer, fill in the registration form, bubble-wrap your gadget, put it into the factory box (or any other cardboard box), and ship it to us for free. The day we get your parcel, you receive your money to the stated account.
Asking yourself, "How to sell my Huawei phone?" Well, Sell UR Fone is your answer. We're a leading UK-based company that knows all the ins and outs of recycling and processing outdated or broken devices. Working with us, you contribute to environmental protection while acquiring a new source of getting money.

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How do I sell my iPhone, Samsung, or another device?

Do you have an old phone you no longer use? We'll take it. Simply send it to us and we will pay you. The sooner you complete your trade-in, the more we'll pay.

And the best part? If you decide to sell your device, we promise to pay you the same day we recieve it! Change your mind? we'll send you your mobile back free of charge.

So how do you sell your old iPhone? Here it is in 3 simple steps...

Make sure your device has a Clean & Clear ESN. This means no finiacing, leasing, lost or stolen devices. Remove any and all accounts from the device including iCloud, Google Accounts, Samsung Accounts. Factory Reset the device to clear out any personal information.
Send your device to Sell Ur Fone, FREE of charge with our provided Royal Mail Shipping Label. Make sure to package your device so it does not get damaged in shipping. Bubble Warp is your friend :)
We know you want your money fast! With our industry leading system, we are able to get you paid the same day we receive your device. Subject to QC.