Why use us?

Why use us?

Want a good reason to use sellurfone.com? You get PAID for recycling your device!

We have the Highest Payout Amounts!

Our Company mission is to pay you 100% of the value quoted for your device. If any issues are found that may change the value we would let you know... If you decline we will mail your device back FREE of charge. No nasty inflated 'UP TO' prices to tempt you in and leave you disappointed.

Our fast payment really is the fastest. Guaranteed! 

You want your money. You want it fast. So we promise to send your payment on the same working day we receive your phone! Our Industry leading systems and team makes it possible to have your money on the same day we receive your device in as described condition. SAME DAY PAYMENT or we pay additional £5 as compensation = WINNING!.

We buy working and broken Phones, Tablets, and Computers.

We believe in offering you the most value for your device. Whether it is working or broken, We are here to give you money for your used electronics. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Provide FREE Shipping Labels. *Sorry we can't buy water damage devices*

No seller fees that eat into the cash you receive.

The price we quote is the price you receive in your pocket. No seller fees or hidden costs that eat into the amount you get.

Simple, fair conditions that won't catch you out.

We've made sure our conditions are fair and simple to understand. No nasty small print to catch you out and leave you disappointed. We believer honesty is the best policy and we are here to prove that!