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Nothing but the best place to sell iPhone in the UK

The iOS vs Android debate aside, iPhones are decent smartphones. But they all have a big drawback: getting your damaged Apple device repaired is so costly that it’s cheaper to replace it. They do charge outrageous prices even for minor flaws. And as if that wasn’t enough, it hurts even more when you realise your cellphone will never be genuinely reliable again. That’s when you ask yourself, “Does it pay to sell my iPhone and invest in a brand-new one?” Prick up your ears, and you’ll likely hear a resounding yes.

How do you do that to get a large portion of your investments back? Sell Ur Fone has already thought this through for you. Here we buy working and broken iPhones for cash or wire transfers to help tech mavens get rid of their old devices and advance to newer models. Think of it as a sort of Apple trade-in programme, but with higher payouts.

We accept almost any iPhone model and recycle all cellphones we buy. So, after selling your device to us, you should never worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

3 Steps to take to sell an old iPhone online

You want to know what your iPhone, either broken or working, is worth, right? Then select the model you’re about to sell, some of its specifications and details, including:

You’ll see how much we’re ready to pay for your iPhone in a split second. If you’re good with the offer, proceed to the next step, which is to fill in a short form. That’s where you choose how you’d like to receive the money for your old iPhone and enter your postcode. We’ll use it to provide you with a prepaid shipping label to complete your trade-in.

Step 3 is all about sending your iPhone to us. But first, make sure to back up and wipe your personal information from it and sign out of all accounts. Once done, package your device (an original Apple box and bubble wrap will do nicely) and use the shipping label to send it at no cost to you. You will get the money for your old iPhone on the very day we receive it unless there are defects you haven’t specified. Do not withhold information about your gadget to avoid getting paid less than expected.

Do I need to list my used phone for sale?

To trade-in your device with Sell Ur Fone, you don’t have to cough up for a listing to show up. It is us who pay cash for damaged phones, tablets and other gadgets, so no third-party buyers are involved. It couldn’t be easier for you as an iPhone owner.

Select your model and get an offer you can’t refuse – even if your iPhone is more of a piece of garbage than a smartphone. The only scenario in which we can’t buy it is if it doesn’t turn on because of water damage. Not about your iPhone? Then sell it to us and use the money for whatever you want.

Step 2: Your options

Step 3: Your details

How do I sell my iPhone, Samsung, or another device?

Do you have an old phone you no longer use? We'll take it. Simply send it to us and we will pay you. The sooner you complete your trade-in, the more we'll pay.

And the best part? If you decide to sell your device, we promise to pay you the same day we recieve it! Change your mind? we'll send you your mobile back free of charge.

So how do you sell your old iPhone? Here it is in 3 simple steps...

Make sure your device has a Clean & Clear ESN. This means no finiacing, leasing, lost or stolen devices. Remove any and all accounts from the device including iCloud, Google Accounts, Samsung Accounts. Factory Reset the device to clear out any personal information.
Send your device to Sell Ur Fone, FREE of charge with our provided Royal Mail Shipping Label. Make sure to package your device so it does not get damaged in shipping. Bubble Warp is your friend :)
We know you want your money fast! With our industry leading system, we are able to get you paid the same day we receive your device. Subject to QC.