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Now it’s a cinch to sell a tablet online

Is your tablet anything but fast to the point where it drives you nuts? Do you have your sights set on an upgrade in the same or different line? Sell Ur Fone is for you. Sell your old tablet to us to get rid of the device that no longer lives up to your expectations. If it’s not financed, leased, reported or stolen, we will be happy to buy it.
Select a tablet to sell (brand, series and model) and see how much we can offer for it. Sell Ur Fone is synonymous with the highest payouts for all devices, either in excellent condition or not.

How can I sell my tablet in the UK?

Let us wow you with the smooth process. It revolves around three steps for any tablet:

  • Step 1. Getting an offer
  • That’s where you’re supposed to choose your tablet and what describes its condition best. Then select its storage capacity and network. If it isn’t tied to any contract because it’s unlocked, we can buy it, too. Are you looking to sell a broken tablet in the UK? Here we accept those due to wear and tear, LCD defects and glass damages.

  • Step 2. Shipping your tablet
  • After you accept the offer, you will be prompted to fill in a form to specify your postcode and other details. We will use them to send you a Royal Mail shipping label. You will have it on the house, meaning you only need to pack your tablet. Be careful as you don’t want it to get damaged on its way to Sell Ur Fone.

  • Step 3. Receiving your money
  • Sell Ur Fone is the fastest way to sell a tablet for cash or get your payouts on PayPal. Once your device arrives, we will check whether what you’ve specified about its condition and characteristics is correct. If it is, your payouts won’t be long in coming. You will be paid within a few moments as we’re done with the quality inspection process. And yes, we will do that on the same day your tablet arrives.

Be sure to wipe your gadget

We do not buy tablets to resell them down the road. Instead, we recycle them in a bid to conserve the environment.
Even so, you can’t go wrong with playing it safe. Take your time to wipe it before you sell your old tablet to Sell Ur Fone. Your safe bet is to reset it to its factory settings and log out of all your mail or social media accounts. Don’t forget to remove the memory card and eliminate any sensitive information stored in your tablet.
Once you clear it up, you’re ready to get an offer for your tablet!

Step 2: Your options

Step 3: Your details

How do I sell my iPhone, Samsung, or another device?

Do you have an old phone you no longer use? We'll take it. Simply send it to us and we will pay you. The sooner you complete your trade-in, the more we'll pay.

And the best part? If you decide to sell your device, we promise to pay you the same day we recieve it! Change your mind? we'll send you your mobile back free of charge.

So how do you sell your old iPhone? Here it is in 3 simple steps...

Make sure your device has a Clean & Clear ESN. This means no finiacing, leasing, lost or stolen devices. Remove any and all accounts from the device including iCloud, Google Accounts, Samsung Accounts. Factory Reset the device to clear out any personal information.
Send your device to Sell Ur Fone, FREE of charge with our provided Royal Mail Shipping Label. Make sure to package your device so it does not get damaged in shipping. Bubble Warp is your friend :)
We know you want your money fast! With our industry leading system, we are able to get you paid the same day we receive your device. Subject to QC.