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Sell your old smartwatch for the most money

In today’s consumerism era, we all have a plethora of used, outdated or screen-damaged gadgets collecting dust in our desk drawers. Chances are, you even have some smartwatches that you no longer use. If you stockpile those, it’s time to clean out your drawers. Now you can sell your smartwatch online for cash at Sell UR Fone.
We wouldn’t mind buying even first-generation watches. If your smart buddies are doing nothing but getting rusty on your shelf, let us offer you the deal you can’t resist. This is both a money-saving solution and a chance to help nature by getting your old gadgets recycled instead of throwing them into the trash bin.

Why is it a good idea to put your smartwatch up for sale in the UK?

Sell UR Fone is here to pay the most money for your old gadgets. We believe that even broken smartwatches deserve a second chance through recycling.
Why not benefit from exchanging your smart tech for some pounds? Get your deal and sell your smartwatch for cash without extra shipping fees.
By sending your old smartwatch to us, you can get the best of your sale while doing your bit for the environment. We will recycle your gadget in an eco-friendly way to save nature from the devastating impact of improper electronics disposal.

How can I sell my smartwatch?

Disposing of your used watch has never been that easy. Sell UR Fone has made the process quick and hassle-free. The only thing you have to do is to follow our simple guide:

  • Get your deal. First, you should register your mobile watch sale by specifying the series, screen size, case material and brand of your wearables. The second step is to select the network and determine the condition of your device. If you are satisfied with the suggested price, fill in the short form. Jump to it to settle on the payment method and arrange several other things to get a Royal Mail shipping label.
  • Prepare your watch for shipping. Make sure to wipe your data away from your wearables. Please note that you can’t sell a used smartwatch to us if it is loaned, stolen, lost or damaged by water. After resetting your gadget, you need to pack it in bubble wrap and ship it to Sell UR Fone.
  • Receive your money. We offer the quickest way to dispose of your smartwatch in the UK. When your device arrives, we check its condition first. And if it’s the same as what you’ve selected in your sale form, you will receive your money in a matter of minutes. On top of that, we will ship your watch back for free if you change your mind.

Selling a used smartwatch to us is the best way to say goodbye to a gadget without harming the environment. Every time you trade your device in at Sell UR Fone, you put it to good use as it will be recycled according to electronic waste standards.

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How do I sell my iPhone, Samsung, or another device?

Do you have an old phone you no longer use? We'll take it. Simply send it to us and we will pay you. The sooner you complete your trade-in, the more we'll pay.

And the best part? If you decide to sell your device, we promise to pay you the same day we recieve it! Change your mind? we'll send you your mobile back free of charge.

So how do you sell your old iPhone? Here it is in 3 simple steps...

Make sure your device has a Clean & Clear ESN. This means no finiacing, leasing, lost or stolen devices. Remove any and all accounts from the device including iCloud, Google Accounts, Samsung Accounts. Factory Reset the device to clear out any personal information.
Send your device to Sell Ur Fone, FREE of charge with our provided Royal Mail Shipping Label. Make sure to package your device so it does not get damaged in shipping. Bubble Warp is your friend :)
We know you want your money fast! With our industry leading system, we are able to get you paid the same day we receive your device. Subject to QC.